Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Tea Party Goys

This may come off as a bit of an inside joke to readers worldwide, so I apologize- but anyone growing up in New York City is exposed to a wide variety of ethnicities. And that means no matter what your faith, race or culture- everyone in New York grows up Jewish to some extent. All New Yorkers love to kvetch, and it's more than a little difficult to grow up in any of the five boroughs without ample amounts of chutzpah

Any New Yorker, even those Gentile to the core, knows at least that much Yiddish- and so should any "Presidential candidate" who's going to publicly attempt even the most casual association with said term, unless she's completely, absolutely, 100% mashugana... But then, what would you expect of The Tea Party Queen that mangles the very grade school history that her own Tea Party quacks base themselves on?


TomRS said...

You gotta laugh, or maybe cry.

Rex Lisman said...

Oy that goyim is a shmuck.