Sunday, January 16, 2011

William Eggleston- For Now

Oh, no! Not again... The much revered artist (or someone acting in their stead) scrapes around their attic, basement, garage "one last time" for something, anything to throw together for a few bucks. A torn and discolored drawing or two, a short film strip, a few discarded Kodachromes or work prints along with some  partially soiled fast food wrappers- it's all good to fill an "art" book for some loose change from a legacy name.

Pause, Relief... (semi)-Amazement. Yeah, it is- and it isn't. Someone did rummage through the sacred files yet again, but instead of coming up with vintage outtakes and non sequiturs, he actually managed to come up with a lotta work that seems to belong in the "unabridged" version of Guide. For Now, is one fairly impressive compilation. There are some real winners here that have that same sensibility, composition and overall commanding presence that so wowed us at the start. And the reproductions are drop dead gorgeous; if you're a fan- this is a must by.

PS- Loved the part when asked if photography revealed some kinda truth- to which the Big E responds that he always thought himself somewhat the liar.

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