Tuesday, January 11, 2011

No Connection My Ass!!!

The Right Wing Bastards are in full Denial Mode, but with a track record like this, there is no denying a long, and directly linkable connection to the most recent tragedy and shooting that happened over the weekend. Only those in the most infantile, fingers in their ears denial cannot, will not make the connection... This is not a matter of extremes on both sides- this is clearly what occurs when one side is allowed to freely bully the other for years on end while everyone else says nothing, does nothing.

The person who ran against Rep. Gabrielle Giffords- by encouraging people to fire guns.

Do Democrats urge fellow party members to throw bricks through the windows of Republican candidate headquarters? How many Republican candidate headquarters have had their windows shot out? How many Democrats shoot doctors in their churches? How many Democrats are so frighteningly insecure in their own manhood that they feel obliged to show up at peaceful rallies brandishing firearms? How many Democrats have threatened Republican candidates by proclaiming that they should fear leaving their very own home?

And finally…
Was it a Democrat that had his assassination quest interrupted only to engage cops in a shootout on a CA highway after listening to, AND QUOTING Right Wing/Nut Job Radio and TV? The question is not whether this repeated vitriol promotes incivility in the general population, and further incites the unhinged towards violence. The real question is whether they are doing this on purpose for the exact results that we experienced this past weekend, and then conveniently blaming the mentally ill (whose funding they continually cut).

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br said...

He looks like a terrorist.

a good article on the government created and is creating a climate of fear: