Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What Will You Be Best Remembered For?

Yesterday's post got me to thinking- what will you, fellow photographer, be best remembered for? If at all. Pristine landscapes a la Adams, revelatory documentation via Frank, stark, penetrating portraiture the likes of Avedon? Of course, becoming known while still breathing is difficult and elusive enough. For most of us, being enshrined into that hallowed pantheon of revered photographic names (be it so much as an asterisk) will forever remain the much storied quest of unfulfilled dreams. Sometime during the course of life, the lucky among us discover it's what we do behind the camera that will forever define us, the images we leave for posterity's sake left to speak and fend for themselves- not so unlike the fate of those who made them. Perhaps, that's Ms. Maier's greatest legacy to us all, the reminder to stay true to oneself while embracing the life we encounter and transforming the hand we're dealt however best we can.

 Most likely indubitably I will most likely assuredly be long remembered forgotten for pictures like this. Et vous?

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Eric Rose said...

I think that fart passed by here about 10 minutes ago, heading east. Please give them a call for me and let them know.

On a more serious note I do not expect anyone to remember me after I turn into dust with the possible exception of my kids.

My art certainly will not be remembered or written about. I produce my art for my own gratification. It gives me pleasure and is certainly more socially acceptable than hiding in a bathroom with some KY. My art will never be recognized by the artistic elite who seem to be able to bestow the crown of popularity at their whim.

Sometimes I wonder if they are acting like crooked stock brokers by hyping a penny stock because their buddies have already bought up loads of it.

The recent fascination with what I would characterize as "vacation pictures" of boring houses and their contents escapes me. Where once the photographer couldn't get his best friends to look at his snaps, now that some "art world name" has bestowed the crown of acceptance on his work and he has found someone to print them 8 feet wide, he can get $8000 and up for his snaps. That is until the next smuck is anointed.