Sunday, November 7, 2010

SUPERMAN- No Waiting, Right Here, Right Now!

While Guggenheim's blatantly one sided Waiting For Superman espouses its perhaps well meaning, but thoroughly short sighted, naive and misleading propaganda, it's important to realize that there already is a Superman on this front. 

Jonathan Kozol is an impassioned education advocate who has devoted the entirety of his being to exposing and improving the many faults within this most failed of public institutions. Unlike most in this field, he is not interested in consolidating political or personal administrative power. Instead, he has put many a year into the type of hands on, in the field research that leaves no stone unturned in the most difficult nooks and crannies served by public education. He openly scoffs at the so called ed. experts who pompously prescribe their quick fix resolutions without addressing the multi-ton elephant in the room- de facto racism.

While some people, like former Ed Czar William Benet, openly contemplated what the country would be like without black children, Mr. Kozol contemplates what this nation would be like if it was afforded a first rate education system that served all its constituents fairly and appropriately. His books teach and inform not by theory, but by entering and examining the very homes, classrooms and lives of students, parents and teachers alike- and only then offering real life analysis and solutions.

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