Friday, November 26, 2010

Animal Mutilations

Paranormal TV - Cattle Mutilations
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What better time than the Thanksgiving excretory process to talk about ... animal mutilations. Here are the facts:

1)  It's a worldwide phenomenon affecting cattle, horses and sheep- and it's been happening for decades.
2)  Organs (eg- udders, tongues, sexual organs) are removed with absolute surgical precision (anuses are cored out).
3)  Usually, there is no blood found around or within the animal.
4)  No teeth, claw or tear marks- and predators do not feed on the remains.
5)  Often there is an impact crater beneath the carcass, or it has broken legs (as if dropped from a great height).
6)  Satanic cults are often blamed, but to date- no arrests have been made.


Gerald said...

I think if you follow up on a lot of these stories you'll find that they are complete bullshit. Most mutilations are exaggerated and rather than satanic cults it's usually the result of a sicko. However, nobody is going to travel to these areas to really look at the facts so they continually get reported and changed to resemble each other. It's human nature and I find that Paranormal enthusiasts are always more gullible than the average person.

Stan B. said...

I long ago stopped trying to "convince" anyone of my position regarding such matters- it's like two fundamentalists from opposing faiths trying to "prove" theirs the one true religion.

For UFO's, I simply tell people to go argue with the astronauts, scientists, commercial pilots and military personnel who are finally coming out- all trained observers. Argue with them whackos.

On one of the available online videos, they had a vet (who never saw a mutilation) giving his expert analysis of how birds and other scavengers were responsible for all this. They also had a scientist who examined the remains of a mutilation and reported that it had been subjected to unusually high intensity heat. When asked what he thought, he simply responded, "The microscope doesn't lie."

Why is it that the very scientists who readily admit that they can't account for 90% of the given universe, and don't have any clue as to how plural the multiverse really is are so quick to ridicule anything that doesn't fall into their admittedly extremely limited paradigm without even applying... the scientific principle to refute and disprove such phenomena in earnest? Paranormal phenomena does attract more than its fair share of weirdos, that's a given- they fill the vacuum left by those from the scientific community who shudder in fear for their very livelihoods.

Gerald said...

I thought you said you were't going to try and convince anyone :)

UFO's stand for Unidentified Flying Objects. It just means that they haven't identified it yet and I don't think that pilots are any more qualified to say what they are. They can probably say what they aren't, but that's about it. The fact that they see them is that they are up there and have more of a chance to see them. I can remember when crop circles were 'proof' of aliens and even the fact that the hoaxsters came out and admitted that they made them didn't stop people from believing what they wanted to. Instead of building all sorts of fantastic scenarios and speculate on beings from another planet and their behaviour why not wait until they decide to introduce themselves properly to the human race? The fact that 'they' haven't done that yet should tell you something.

Stan B. said...

The fact that they don't act and behave the way humans expect and want them to should tell everyone something...

Gerald said...

There are also many credible, educated people whom claim to have seen Sasquatches, the Loch Ness Monster, ghosts, God and many other monsters and spirits. Should we just believe everything? I prefer to wait for some solid evidence.

Stan B. said...

Well, it didn't take long to come full circle, did it?

You're free to listen to anyone who supports whatever view you want. After decades of listening to both sides, I've definitely chosen to believe: Apollo astronaut Dr. Edgar Michell, Right Stuff astronaut Gordon Cooper, Dr. Jacques Vallee, Dr. John Mack, and Dr. Allen Hyneck (former head of Project Blue Book who quit in disgust when he realized that he would not be allowed to investigate the evidence in a scientific manner).

Gerald said...

I could respond by spending a few nights compiling a list of noted scientists, astronauts, pilots and other 'respected' people who do not believe in UFO's but I'm not going to. It would be a complete waste of my time because nothing would convince you otherwise. The fact that you've spent "decades listening to both sides" tells me that you were already a closet believer before you made your decision. Until they catch one of those little f***ers I'll be a non-believer. But maybe you can answer a question in the meantime. Why are the aliens so fascinated with farmyard animals and why do they insist on dumping them from their flying saucers so that they'll be easily found?

Stan B. said...

I could spend a couple of weeks compiling that same list- along with all the major corporations, commercial and government institutions that those scientists are sponsored by and scared shitless to offend in any way whatsoever.

One of the problems in trying to fathom the whole "alien scenario" is that we have no option but to apply our very limited, constricted and naive mindset into attempting to decipher what beings hundreds, thousands (more?) of years ahead of us in science, technology, you name it, are trying to do and why they're doing it. The same intense wisdom and reasoning capabilities that makes many Christians paint Christ as a blond, blue eyed wonder with a long bearded father entity who created everything 6,000 years ago. Chimps attempting to split the atom.

Yeah, I'd love to know the answer too- anyone who says they do is full of it. And no serious researcher about all this will ever give you a "definitive" answer (many quite reasonably paranoid about the disinformation that is constantly being pumped out to discredit them should they bite)- which in turn leads others to your weirdos for the "answers," since mainstream science is so reluctant to touch it.

You assume to know my prejudices when I first got into this, you don't. But it's rather easy to assess from your comments (as with most people who readily dismiss the subject) that the majority of information you've exposed yourself to is the most superficial and sensationalist. As with anything else, you can't always go by the cover.

Stan B. said...

Stan DID NOT SAY (accidentally rejected Gerald's remark)--

GERALD said:

If someone spends decades examining a subject then they must have some belief that it could be credible to begin with. Those who don't just get on with their lives. So I don't think I'm going out on a limb when I say you must've been a believer in the first place. I'm very glad that research money is not being wasted on it because it takes it away from research that can make a difference. Having been involved in science for nearly 30 years I would be pissed if we were denied grants because of UFO research.

Stan B. said...

Gee, Gerald are you finally admitting to a financial dog in all this- or is that just pure unadulterated altruism speaking?

Well, this is the exact tit for tat these things always devolve into, and if it hadn't been for the holiday recess...

I had always thought the adage of (voluntary) converts making the most loyal of believers rather universal, apparently not. Nevertheless, yes, before things devolve even further, I think I will (continue to) go on with my life now (in whatever manner I choose BTW).

Gerald said...

Yup you discovered my deep dark secret. I'm frightened that the 'truth' is going to deny me of my evil income. I've spent the first 15 years on cardiac research and the last studying leukemia. You know those little, unimportant problems that affect most families. It's a shame that we've been wasting our time and money when we should be studying the cosmic ranchers from a universe far, far away. Also please note when your making comments about 'scientists' that you know nothing about them. But then most of your postings seem to be equally ill-informed.

Stan B. said...

And you're diverting precious moments (of research time that will save all our lives) on my ill informed blog because...?