Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"None of us really understands what's going on with all these numbers." -DS

David Stockman was the guy who first helped institute the shell game of an economic policy that Republicans first "revitalized" our country with under Reagan, who had soundly defeated Carter for trying to balance a budget the old fashioned way, using real, as opposed to imaginary dollars and cents. Now he's back in the news saying that it's that exact Republican philosophy of economics (with a steroid chaser) that is running the country directly to hell in a handbasket. Maybe that's what he was also hinting at some thirty years ago?

Last week I went to see Matt Taibbi talk about his new book Griftopia, which is chock full of amusing and amazing tales of just how our financial institutions have so thoroughly and enthusiastically defrauded our government, and uhhh... its citizenry. And he actually does have some idea of what's going on with all these numbers. Or, as he so eloquently put in after months of trying to make sense of such a complex issue and then struggling to condense it into one gracefully petite passage- "It's like if the banks were selling you oregano, and calling it weed."

And for a more "animated" explanation of the deep doo we've been dropped in (and why)- there's always...

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