Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

From the unapproved, unlisted, not quite worthy, sometime photography blog of an unrepresented, unexhibited, unpublished, sometime photographer...

 How long will our planet continue to embrace us?

Hope yours is a happy one- and you need not remind me that I'm luckier and more fortunate than the great majority of folks on this sinking blue marble of pain and suffering. The insanity of this earthly life is, of course, that the better we treat that majority, the better we would all be. But we never do seem to learn- not then, or now, or when left to our own devices, ever...

Latter generations are fond of blaming  Baby Boomers for much of our current day woes. And rightfully so. We took things to the very edge... and instead of completing said task, we stopped full short and dived headlong into the very financial comfort zone we so thoroughly vowed to annihilate. We truly deserve your wrath- but don't stop there. It wasn't just a generation that failed you, it's an entire species that fails with every chance given. No better example than the very short glimpse of human history I've been allowed thus far.

Our earth is crying out every which way it knows how that our last chance has already set sail. Glaciers and "lesser" animal species are disappearing, our oceans are fished out and on the verge of becoming a veritable global cesspool. And can't wait till the methane hits the fan in earnest.

So, young-uns, this is the legacy you've inherited...what kinda apps you got?

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