Saturday, July 3, 2010

Instant Camera Bag!

I absolutely love, love, love my Crumpler $6 Million Dollar Bag. Best damn camera bag I've ever had- thoughtfully laid out, so comfy it's almost plush, and if it can't hold it, I certainly don't wanna lug it. 

Unfortunately, I don't have much time these days to play professional photographer. The bag you'll usually see me with is my Manhattan Portage "DJ" model during the real life work week. Inside is my work binder, lunch, bike lock and camera. The camera (a Nikon FG w/20mm) is in one of those hideous, triangular SLR soft cases I wouldn't be caught dead with- but inside the bag, no one is the wiser. No, it's not the ideal street shooter set up, it's the just have a camera with you at all times set up. Now Manhattan Portage has come up with these handy, dandy camera inserts which convert many of their regular bags into an instant camera bag- neat! Now, I currently don't have need of one, but for those who could use a twofer, like I said- neat.

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