Friday, July 23, 2010

Time And Space On The Lower East Side

Brian Rose has released his latest project, Time And Space On The Lower East Side, as a very affordably priced Blurb book (particularly when you see all the great images within). Sometimes you really need a view camera to get that particular feel of a street landscape that  smaller formats just cannot deliver, particularly in a city infamous for its lack of horizon lines- and Mr. Rose certainly knows how to handle one (as further evidenced in The Lost Border, one of my favorite photography books of all time).

The book depicts NYC's Lower East Side in the early eighties (the city I once knew like a used tattoo- ironically, we lived on the very same block unbeknownst to each other)  juxtaposed against more recent work depicting its current day veneer. 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip STan. Not only on this book but on Lost Border also. Peace. Pete

Mike C said...

I purchased Brian Rose's book a few weeks ago too, and as you say, it is fantastic with more interesting and well done photos than you would expect in a book at this price. A great photo book.