Thursday, June 10, 2010

Photography And The UN

Looks like we scored a bit of a victory here for those concerned- unless I'm completely and/or partially misreading the queen's English. Got this email a couple days back from somewhere in the UN in response to David White's suggestion :

Please note that we realized this discrepancy in the language on copyrights we were using at, and we have amended it to highlight the non-exclusive use/rights, as follows:

5.2  The copyright of submitted and winning photos will be owned by the participating photographers. The winning photos will be released to the “non-exclusive” use of UNDP, its Picture This partners ,Olympus and The AFP Foundation.  Such use will be restricted to promotion, publicity, news, informational education or awareness usage relating to UNDP and the Picture This contest partners. Contest photographers will be able to use their photos, which they retain the copyright to, in their print and online portfolios, exhibitions, books and other publications and to disseminate – including sell – their photos to interested clients. They will be identified as the authors of the photos.

We apologize for the confusion. We do hope that you decide to enter the contest.


And back at ya, UN! Well done- if only the Mid East was this easy...

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