Sunday, June 6, 2010

By the Sea, By The Sea, By The Beautiful...

Seems as if all our woes and worries were out to sea this past week. The Gulf continues to be mired in toxic goo at the expense of BP CEO Tony Hayward's lifestyle (along with a near endless torrent of dead marine animals, dead BP workers and permanently laid off fisherman). And on the other side of the globe, Israel somehow managed to defend itself from the abhorrent weapons pictured above as they repelled, arms blazing, upon a sleeping crew of civilians. Yes, the sovereign state of Israel actually opened their own Flickr account to show the terrible nasties these so called peace activists had planned for them. And, as if there was any doubt, one of the weapons was even signed by the terrorist Hizbullah itself!

Later in the week, the Rachel Corrie was confiscated by Israel, which referred to it as the Linda (its previous incarnation before being renamed)- this only to purposely add insult to injury by not letting fall from their lips the name of the woman purposely crushed to death by a (US made) Israeli bulldozer. Now there are those that would say ol' Corrie was a quite the fool to stand in front of such an instrument of death in the first place- and I bet many of those people would be the same who so enthusiastically applauded the bravery of Tank Man in China.

Finally, I'm not an avid watcher of mainstream media, but I'm willing to bet there wasn't in retrospect, much discussion about the USS Liberty which was attacked, torpedoed and almost sunk by Israel back in '67. Israel claimed mistaken identity, and the US "concluded" likewise - the only attack upon the US that didn't even rate a Congressional investigation. (thanks to WBTP for Flickr link)