Wednesday, June 23, 2010

On Being Serious...

I was reading this rather humorous post, one of the major reasons for making regular trips to The Hinterlands where the proverbial axiom of "educational and entertaining" lives daily. And of course, I can both empathize, and sympathize. When I first started blogging over five years ago, I too wanted to feel the love- now... hell, I don't even do what's currently obligatory to gain and maintain readership (eg- don't tweet, don't do the Face, etc, etc). And so the blog kinda ends up being like one's personal work- you do it for yourself, something a few others will hopefully appreciate.

Of course, it's not hard to see why I'm not Mr. Popularity- no inside scoops, no ties to names or institutions... and no telling when he's gonna play the angry young ( I forget- that's another reason) old person of color card again. Christ- the guy believes in UFOs! Worse yet, he shoots B&W- 35mm B&W!

But no, this aint about bitchin' out loud. Actually, I am rather fortunate in having come into contact with some rather generous (non monetarily speaking, of course) people I do respect and admire through this little endeavor. And I'm forever grateful for that. 

Personally, I seriously think this "civilization" is headed to Mad Max world come the second half of this century. Our planet's dying before our very eyes each and every day, while we're out dying to get more apps. I once romanticized having my work "discovered" long after I departed, now I have to wonder how many will appreciate whatever's left of The Names. Blogs, galleries, the so called "art world," none of it will be worth a rat's ass then.

Oh yeah,  that's the other thing- sometimes, between laughs, things can get depressing as hell around here... (and I aint got nothing to do with it).

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