Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Life On Mars

 "The Viking LR experiment detected living microorganisms in the soil of Mars," Gilbert Levin flatly said. 

He just happens to be the guy who invented the device to test for life on the original Viking Mars Lander back in '76. Two of the three tests proved positive, the third inconclusive- NASA therefore invalidated the entire results claiming the "false positives" were due strictly to chemical activity (something which has since been... proven false).  

For arguments sake, let's say Never A Straight Answer NASA was correct- don't you then think there would be a burning scientific curiosity among them to actually do it right with further testing? Isn't that how science is done- test until proven beyond doubt? Just why is it that no NASA sponsored Mars missions since have made proving the existence of microbial life on Mars even the smallest of priorities? One of the, if not the fundamental question in the exploration of space, completely and purposely set aside by NASA. Why?


Eric Rose said...

The reason is very simple. If they prove there is life on Mars then the US (and others) won't be able to rape and plunder the planet for minerals using whatever destructive techniques they find expedient.

Stan B. said...

Don't kid yourself, human life never got in the way of making a buck here on earth- Martian microbes, fish or fowl aint gotta chance against the almighty dollar.

It's more to appease the Christian fundamentalist whackos here in the US. Admitting to microbial life on another planet opens up the door they don't wanna deal with- you think evolution caused a stink...