Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Drain It And Cement It

Gather, witness and wonder at what state of the art tech has achieved in the 21st. Century!


I just saw a report on how the toxic, dispersant suspended oil looks just like the algae that fish feed on- really, at this point we should just drain the entire gulf, preferably into the swimming pools of Tea Party members who can then lay claim to any oil they can separate. 

The Gulf will be a virtual dead zone for years, if not decades. The cost to marine life, fish and mammal, is immeasurable; the cost to livelihoods throughout the area, criminal. How will BP ever pay for the aftermath when they're already engaged in denying the present? And if ya liked that one you're gonna love, love, love this one...

And our President should be held just as liable if he continues to state that "we will not rest, until every drop is cleaned up." That sir, is as insane a proclamation as it is physically impossible.

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