Thursday, September 10, 2009

Only In NY- Steven Hirsch

Perhaps all the portraits of Courthouse Confessions by Steven Hirsch cannot be classified as "art" portraiture, but they certainly do stand up as individual works of "art" when viewed together with their short and insightful subject interviews. And it certainly does prove to one extent or the other, the catchphrase "Only in NY."

That said, many of these portraits are strong enough to stand on their own, visually and aesthetically, and show just how far you can go by being imaginative with an absolute minimum of background and lighting. Contrast this bare bones approach to creativity with the bloated, overdone, over everything approach of an Annie Leibovitz..

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Anonymous said...

Stan! Brilliant! I dig Hirsch's pairing of image and words.

The common sense logic of some subjects challenges the worst of the system.

On the other hand the nonsense of some of the subjects, shows just how a system is deemed to fail against infinite outlooks, frailties and behaviours.