Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Bruce Haley Post-Apocalyptic Photo Contest

In order to subjugate the mind warping, physically debilitating effects of the dreaded swine flu, famous conflict and environmental photographer Bruce Haley has conjured up (much to our benefit) a bit of a "contest" to kill time while he convalesces:

I dumped almost 400 industrial images (398, actually) into a section entitled "The Post-Apocalyptic World" - these are all straight scans, no adjustments, no spotting, etc., so it's like opening my contact sheets to other photographers, to see how I shoot this stuff... or it's almost like exploring these crazy places right alongside of me... as for the contest - it's like a post-apocalyptic "Where's Waldo?" - amidst huge swaths of wasteland and dead machinery, there are six people and a dog.... so the first five people who find them will receive a free copy of my limited-edition portfolio...

Update: As of 8AM Pacific Coast Time, some have come close, but still no cigars... Great Prize- and get better, Bruce!

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