Thursday, September 3, 2009

Glenn Beck Raped and Murdered A Young Girl...

... in 1990! I'm probably late to the park on this one, but this is perhaps the funniest and most on point satire since Dr. Laura's nude photos of herself got online (which she sued to get off the internet, all the while denying that they were, in fact, pictures of her)!

For all you "foreigners" unfamiliar with the insanity of American ways, Glenn Beck is an idiot right wing ass clown on FOX "News" who literally foams at the mouth to the delight of his equally gifted idiot fans. For blatant got ya lying see here, for atrocious spelling and piss poor conspiracy theory- here, and for his latest shtick, you can roll your eyes at his uniquely insightful degenerate art theory and criticism.

"Dr." Laura (her doctorate is in physiology, as opposed to say... psychology, counseling, ethics, etc) is a right wing moralist nut job who revels in belittling and demeaning those callers on her radio advice program who need the most help. Her photos from a previous life amply demonstrate exactly why she excels in humiliating callers who have fallen off the short and narrow path of righteousness... And as if further proof of her impeccable moral virtue was necessary, it certainly appears that her own son did not escape her unscathed...

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D. Koss said...

So far I've seen no proof that Glenn Beck did not rape and murder a young girl in 1990. All I've seen is evidence that he it may have been possible for him to do so. The evidence.

Glenn Beck raging on a disagreeable woman on his radio program.....and, calling for killing people with a shovel

If he is able to rage so quickly in public what evil hate and rage is he capable of in private?


And some quotes to quantify Glenn Beck's state of mind in 1990....Interview given by Glenn Beck in 2007 discussing his past..,5143,695232408,00.html?pg=1

Actual Quotes from Glenn Beck:
"I was the one you didn't want to go out with your daughter but you didn't know it." (page 3)

"I was a monster," says Beck. "I just wasn't a good guy. I was a scumbag." (page 3)

"I was taking drugs every day of my life since I was 16 years old," (page 3)

"I'd buy Pope John Paul's book and then ask myself, who would the pope tell me not to read? Well, probably Nostradamus, so I'd buy his book. It was the library of the insane," says Beck (page 4)


The Urban Dictionary defining the term GlennBeck showing the growing use of the term in our lexicon.