Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Limited Edition Street Leica Avec Documentary

As recently chronicled, seems my whole approach towards achieving photographic fame and immortality has been ill advised at best. More and more these days, one now makes the self congratulatory, self aggrandizing pseudo documentary first and foremost, well in anticipation of actually becoming either famous or deserving. After all, who knows your own inherent greatness better than you, and waiting for other people to recognize just how great you are is, ya know: wasted time, over rated, and iffy at best. And there's always the chance that half those idiots will be so busy hatin' on ya- and working on their own documentaries about how great... they are!

It's just the new order of things; and when all is said and done, the whole photo greatness thing just falls naturally into place like a well worn... Leica (another thing these guys haven't yet earned themselves either).

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