Monday, January 26, 2015

Ryann Ford's Last Stop

Photo: Ryann Ford

Can't believe just how good this essay is, each and every photo a small world unto itself- and a near perfect one at that! Each and every image a sight to behold for its: beauty, humor, and alas, fragility- many of the subjects no longer exist. The perfect amalgam of history and kitsch, scenic wonder and nostalgic delight; like a good film comedy or stand up routine, that absolute rarest of commodities that manages to import and redefine so many of life's trivialities, offering depth and insight well beyond the cheap laugh.

Won't be the most important, socially relevant, or artistically innovative monograph of the year, but Ryann Ford's The Last Stop will be THE book I want most in 2015, one that I will look at often, with great pleasure, and for many a year to come...

Photo: Ryann Ford

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