Thursday, January 29, 2015

Meditation On The Obvious

Photo: © S. Banos

No, it probably won't make the official "portfolio," but it's actually one of my favorite shots. It's the kind of shot that probably had passerby wondering what the hell that nut was taking a picture of, the kind of shot that had me wondering what the hell I was taking a picture of. And most of the time, when the banality level is that high- the picture does in fact... suck. No doubt, most people looking at it probably think it sucks, and sucks bad. I got no problem with that. 

Surprisingly, the shot came off exactly as I wanted, which doesn't exactly guarantee anything in and of itself- especially when there's just so very little there to begin with. Human imperfection, front and center, accentuated and amplified in almost perfect symmetry for all to see- lipstick on a pig! Someone thought to go all out and class up the joint by sticking a couple of Ionic columns on a building facade already so fake and shallow, it just screams- "Why!?"

Why do we do it? Why do we always so desperately try to be exactly that which we are so clearly not- when it's all so desperately obvious...


Eric Rose said...

I also share your love of symmetry. I have hundreds if not thousands of photos along the same theme. Here is one I took in South Dakota.

Anonymous said...

Are we what we are?

Oh, sorry... it is what it is.