Friday, July 11, 2014

It Depends, Of Course, On What You Mean By... U-F-O

The analysis is a bit tedious, but an interesting examination all the same of indicative, tell tale signs that don't always register in real time. Particularly interesting when the person being examined is one of the foremost fornicators of the truth that ever inhabited the most elite of power circles.

And then, of course, there is... the subject matter!


Eric Rose said...

I love this sentence. "While Hansen acknowledged he is not an expert in non-verbal communications, he uses the skills regularly in his work." He should get a job at CNN :) Anyway if the US Air Force had proof of alien visitations I don't think they would give the President that information. Presidents come and go, some secrets are forever. To note Clinton was evasive is a no brainer, a school kid could pick up on the fact that he's the biggest BS'r around. But he's such a lovable BS'r lol. And he's a vegan now so that makes him next to godly.

Stan B. said...

You're right on all counts here.

Just found it interesting having every little detail broken down from the greater whole and examined in detail.

Of course, the particularly worrying part- who are the people in charge of keeping those secrets?