Thursday, July 31, 2014

Israel's Legacy Of Serial Child Murder

Tapper told Regev that Israel has killed more Palestinian children in the past three weeks than "the total number of Israeli soldiers killed in military operations since 2006."

"That is a lot of dead children," he said. "At what point does the Israeli government say, enough, we're killing too many innocent children?"

We are then told that "the deaths of these children pains the chief of staff of Israeli military." Well then- what the heck is everybody complaining about?

How many times can a nation repeatedly kill scores of children and get away with it? Clearly Syria has no qualms about killing as many children as they want, and it now seems- neither does Israel. This nation which repeatedly likes to remind everyone just how much more civilized they are, than say... Syria, currently seems hellbent on ignoring just how many dead children's bodies they are now accumulating.

But Stan! What about all those crazed Muslim suicide bombers killing innocent Israelis- many of them children! What about them, huh? Yes, crazed, desperate lunatics each and everyone- to be roundly denounced, condemned and eliminated in as expedient a manner as possible! Clear? 

But, but... don't then come washing your hands and excusing yourself of child murder by gently whispering "collateral damage" in my ear. You're not arguing degrees of morality, you're arguing degrees of technology. One side kills innocent women and children as the consequence of high tech, push button, missiles and bombs, the other kills them with a decidedly more primitive... weapons delivery system. Both the rational and end result is the same- each trying to kill the other into submission by any means necessary, the blood of innocents deterring neither side. The moral high ground is highly absent here.

Israel- you were once a noble people fighting back against all odds in the Warsaw Ghetto. Now you find yourself top dog in the hood, and determined to remain so- no longer the bullied, but the bully.... like the childhood victim of sexual or domestic abuse that instead of learning from their experience, grows up to become yet another abuser doomed to repeat without conscience or remorse.

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