Saturday, July 26, 2014

3 Good Reasons To Stay Away From A Movie

A) Dumbass, godawful title.

B) Shitty looking trailer.

C) Whole flick takes place on a... train.

Three great reasons that had every one of my natural instincts screaming to stay away from this shit ass movie. And yet, the goddamn critics said that this was one great, intelligent sci-fi flick (with a right on political slant no less)! The eternal quest for that rarest and most elusive of cinematic achievements (and it featured Tilda Swinton)- how bad could it be? I thought of all the sci-fi flicks that I had really believed in, the ones that would finally redeem not only their own hype, but my own hopes and dreams... and how they had all so terribly, terribly let me down. Each and every one. So, perhaps this was it, deliverance disguised- the unexpected sleeper, unheralded in my mind only... I could not let it escape. So I willingly allowed myself to be swayed and suckered... and skewered. Standard action, simplistic plot, ham handed politics.

2 X $13 for this brutally mind numbing, two hour robbery of my remaining life force.


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Stan B. said...

Can't say I blame ya for having nothing to say in it's defense...