Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Photo/Blog Drought of '14

In the meantime, check out the wife's Neato Photos on Pinterest...
Things have been running on impulse power these days, photographically and blogwise for that matter. Funny, ever since last October when I had finished taking my "dick pictures," as one reader (Hi, Dave) called them, I came home with the distinct feeling I wouldn't be getting much for a few ... months- and I was right. Been slim pickins since, nothing but an almost here and an almost there week after sordid week. Some people love winter light- I'm not a particularly big fan. Anyway, I finally ended the great drought of  '14 (not anywhere as huge as CA's by the way) by getting a portrait last week which really did me proud (no, not quite as good as the one at left). 

Of course, no telling when the next lucky moment will come- and things haven't been exactly jumping over here either. Seems fairly quiet on the blogosphere all around of late, or maybe it's just me. Usually, something comes just in the nick of time... but it sure has been dragging of late!            

I wish I could say I've been taking this time to make my long overdue web site, alas, such is not the case; but I haven't been completely stagnant, been making some high res scans in the interim. Precious few, mind ya, silver negs are a mother! And I have entered a coupla select items in a coupla select places- my annual penance to the photographic gods (you'd think I would've acquired the necessary indulgences by now).

Actually, there is one thing I'd like to get off my chest right now concerning a few pictures I took back a ways, but I'm holding off on that till the proper time (for good reason), if ever that time comes, which I'm hoping it does- and soon. In the meantime, I don't reckon on going into warp here anytime soon, but the mission continues, just need to hold orbit a spell...

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