Thursday, February 20, 2014

"Please have no leniency with me."

Said the 80 yr old nun to the judge... Hero(es), plain and simple.
(and truly Christlike).

The unmitigated hypocrisy! Not only should Homeland Security thank them for exposing such obvious lack of security, think of all the banksters who robbed us blind and didn't serve one, single day!


Eric Rose said...

True heroes, all. Puts things into perspective now doesn't it. People are so obsessed over some rich kid sticking her tongue out and shaking her ass but no media coverage is given to these gutsy patriots of peace.

Stan B. said...

Great point, Eric. We have the umpteenth teen throb pulling out all the stops to 'prove' she's all grown up... by showing us just how much of a bad little girl she is.

Meanwhile, a truly empowered and revolutionary woman (in both message and action) doing it not for $$$, not for adoration, gets... zero attention.