Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Honoring Our (Photographic) Roots... Photo Complaints- Part I

One of the things I've never understood about photography is how often many of its most enthusiastic practitioners ignore the very purpose for which it was created- to more readily create, preserve and celebrate a fairly accurate representation of that which was. That very reason is being more and more ignored each day as we relentlessly pursue, peruse... and instantly dismiss that which is "new" at ever more break neck speed- all the while failing to adequately appreciate and understand that which was created just yesterday, let alone last century. I'm constantly amused by photography competitions that not only have age restrictions for the participants, but also state that they'll only accept work created within the year, instead of just asking for work that hasn't been published- as if there's an understood and inherent expiration notice.

Call it vernacular, call it vintage, call it by whatever name you choose- I just call it good photography, period. No matter how, or when it was made; no matter if it's that one lucky amateur shot, or the one fortuitous survivor from a cast forever lost. These three photographs from my wife's Pinterest alone are as good, as beautiful, as complex or mysterious as anything being made today- and then some. Not a name photographer, nor celebrated image amongst them (far as I know); and yet, all deeply moving, deeply imaginative, and deeply worthy of the study, admiration and respect the art and science of photography was created for. In an era that increasingly plunges headlong into digital homogenization, let's take the time and make the effort to appreciate and honor that which has already lived up to the promise- and the magic, that is photography...

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