Sunday, February 2, 2014

49 Mile Scenic Drive

Just make a left (or not).      Photo: Stan B.

Don't even dream 50!
A map? An actual... route!?! Can only mean there's also an... app (sigh).
The first time I visited San Francisco back in '89, we (Hi, Sharyn!) couldn't help but notice these cryptic 49 Mile Scenic Drive signs that would sporadically appear driving throughout various parts of the city. They would manifest at irregular intervals, point you in general directions that would invariably lead to congested intersections without further notice, and ultimately leave you to your own devices. It very quickly became a running joke, these serene, baby blue signs to nowhere with the stoic seagull that was very purposely shitting all over you should you chance to take him at all seriously. 

Anytime one would inevitably pop up without rhyme or reason, we could once again rest assured that we were indeed headed in the right direction, whatever direction that might be...

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