Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Gallery In Town

Photo: Wang Yuanling

Carte Blanche is a new street level photo gallery conveniently located on Valencia St. in San Francisco. The gallery is spacious, well lighted and welcoming- owner Gwen LaFage even looks up, smiles and says "Hello" upon entering (yes, 25+ yrs of NYC gallery hopping has left me permanently scarred). And I wouldn't give a damn about any of that if there wasn't anything good to look at on the walls, and that there is- as can more than clearly be seen here! One can also purchase books, and more importantly get some very nice prints of the work at hand, mounted and ready to frame at very reasonable prices- nicely sized prints at just over or below $100.

I really hope the calibre of work continues at the level of this current show- a new, and much needed photo pit stop in The Bay Area...

Photo: Shinya Arimoto

Photo: Lukasz Biederman

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