Monday, December 12, 2011

Grinding Gears

I hope this West Coast port shut down serves to further unite labor- not alienate it. Personally, I wish Occupy would concentrate on getting the goddamn 1% to pay their bloody fair share of taxes, something that easily garners wide public support and approval when stated clearly and succinctly- unfortunately, this is not Russia, where people know when they're being pissed on. That would be a major victory that would pave the way for yet more action. 

The port shut down is quite the gamble- and Occupy is the only game in town, the only people conscious enough to bring attention to a system that is not only broken, but well beyond repair.


rgfb drefv said...

The 1% pays half of the taxes in the USA. That's far more than they should. You 99% morons are dumbest, lazy Nazi's in Western Culture, and do nothing but take and destroy and complain, despite the fact that you’re lucky to be alive in a free society. Fortunately, you sniveling brats are less that 0.99%

You want to make a better world? Then stop harassing freedom-loving, hard-working people, band together in a commune somewhere and take responsibility for your own survival.

Stan B. said...

"We don't pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes." -billionaire hotelier Leona Helmsley

As Martin A. Sullivan of recently calculated, a New York janitor making slightly more than $33,000 a year pays an effective tax rate of nearly 25%. And the effective tax rate for a resident of the Park Avenue building named after Helmsley, earning an average of $1.2 million annually? A cool 14.7%.

And, of course, many corporations (talk about Lazy Nazis), who are now considered "persons" under law- thanks to Right Wing Supreme Court Justices (talk about Lazy Nazis), also don't pay any taxes whatsoever...

BTW- if you can't get your point across to people who can actually think without the childish, red neck, veins a popping, name calling intensity of your average, brain dead FOX "News" pundit- then by all means, go back to your precious little circle jerk of "ditto heads" (talk about THE VERY LAZIEST OF NAZIS).