Wednesday, December 7, 2011

HOPE + CHANGE You Can Take To The Crapper

This is about as outrageous as it possibly gets... He's starting to make pretty speeches again, and say all the right things (while his Justice Dept. goes after pot smokers); but arrest, try and convict even one of the financial terrorists who swindled millions upon millions of dollars, homes and livelihoods from hard working citizens and rammed the 99% of this country headfirst into the toilet- surely you jest... (Make sure to see Part 2)



Eric Rose said...

At some point you just have to say f*&k it, realize you really have no impact on anything and just move on with your life. Either that or move to a different country where you can live your life as you want.

Is this being defeatist? You bet it is, but in a different way than just crawling into a cave. "The money" controls EVERYTHING. The government which includes the military and National Guard take their marching orders from people who are bought and paid for. Even a popular armed uprising as we have seen in Libya would be swiftly and brutally put down by the US government. Think Syria but 100 times worse. Remember Kent State? That's peanuts compared to what would happen if the "money" felt threatened.

What I do is take charge of the things I can actually make a difference in. Like where I shop (local merchants), reducing debt to zero (screw the banks), leading a frugal lifestyle. These are the values and habits our parents and their parents had.

Modern advertising has worked it's brainwashing on us to the point where most people are within 2 paychecks from poverty. The average citizen now believes it's their right, hell it's the American Way, to have two large vehicles, a freaking huge house, a pool, motorized toys, expensive this and expensive that. Heck we are ENTITLED!

In Canada and the US we have been writing cheques our pay couldn't cover for the past 40 years. Far to many people rely on their line of credit to finance a lifestyle they don't qualify for. It's pathetic.

Until people take charge of their own life and quit blaming the greedy corporations for "making them" take out all those loans and charge accounts nothing will change.

Hit the corporations where it hurts, in the pocket book. Stop buying their crap and falling for their advertising propaganda.

Does anyone really need an iPhone 4s when they already have an iPhone 4? Not really. When I see people lining up for the latest Apple googaa it makes me sad. It shows just how far we have let ourselves become pawns.

In the 60's and 70's we had people protesting by burning their draft cards. It made a difference.

Today what we should have are mass credit card burning rallies.

Let the 99% say f&%k you! We want our life back. Take your credit cards and shove them!

Will it ever happen? Not likely. You see the 99% are just as greedy as the corporations.

Stan B. said...

Lots of sage advice there, Eric. Often the small portion of the public that continues to lead the good fight finds themselves sabotaged by their "own kind," in large part because of the crap they hear repeatedly from media (funded by you know who) which they sadly come to believe due in large part to a lack of quality education (defunded by you know who).

There's no question materialism becomes rampant in such scenarios- and that everyone needs to be responsible for themselves. But then you got banks knowingly handing out subprime loans galore while representing them as otherwise. And much, much worse...

I think health care is a human right, plain and simple- as is the right to earn a decent, honest living. When I think entitlements, first and foremost, I think of the one percent who get the biggest and the most- often when they're literally not even human.

Eric Rose said...

The 1% have enslaved the 99% through the most most powerful drug known to mankind. This drug is not heroin, cocaine or meth. It's greed. You see people all the time with the "gotta have it" shakes.

The folks that took out those insane mortgages knew deep down that it was all smoke and mirrors. It's just that the "gotta have it" shakes took over and blew away their better judgement.

People are so caught up in the "lifestyle" type of advertising they actually think it's real. All they need is that Cummins diesel and they will be tough. Everyone will back down from them, just like in the ads. The kids who slides into his parking space sideways has the hot chicks. TV shows have families living in luxury, wearing designer cloths and driving the newest SUV. It's all propaganda.

People have lost their ability to think critically and just use common sense.

When I was a kid single income families was the norm. The only time you had two income families was when the male of the household was a drunk and pissed away his income. We lived well. A true very middle class life. If there wasn't money in the bank for something new we either went without or would save until we could afford it. My dad knew we would need new tires every so many years and would save for them so when they were needed the money was there. That went for just about everything. The rainy day fund. Where the hell did that go? Discipline, constraint, realism, all words that have no meaning in today's world.

It's been replaced with "I want it, I want it NOW"! Just feel those shakes coming on.....

Stan B. said...

No doubt greed is pretty much rampant everywhere nowadays- to a great extent, it's why the majority of the 99% still doesn't want to identify with the minority of the 99% that are willing to stand up and be counted. We're no longer taught or encouraged to sacrifice for a common good; it's every man for himself, "the commons" equals communism- to the point that in some towns you now have fireman standing idly by while their neighbor's house burns down because they couldn't afford their very own private firemen.

EVERYONE should be accountable- if that was the case, we wouldn't have the hardest working people who can least afford it bailing out the richest- it's a welfare state for the rich. Corporate media is quick to point out the the troubled and the troublemakers amongst the Occupy Movement- they're easy, visible targets. The expensive suits who actually rob us blind without any constraints whatsoever- they're the respectable "job creators" (in China perhaps).

And yes, the day don't go buy that I don't think- why should I even bother, when so much of the 99% is thinking about getting that new SUV instead of marching in the street ready to tear the place down unless some form of the very accountability that would actually better their lives in every way imaginable is finally reinstated.