Monday, October 25, 2010


Omar A. Khadr was a severely wounded child soldier when he was captured. The civilized world tends to rehabilitate them, knowing full well that whatever heinous acts they've committed- they're systematically coerced into such action for fear of their own pubescent lives. Seems the United States of America however, chooses to: torture such children, indefinitely imprison them- and then try them for crimes against humanity!

And this is exactly why we voted Obama in... right?

UPDATE:  Injustice Served...  After having already served nine years! Disgusting!


Eric Rose said...

In all fairness Obama had nothing to do with the treatment of said detainee. I think Obama's been trying to rid himself of this particular sore spot since gaining office.

Stan B. said...

Hasn't Omar still been kept at Guantanomo under Obama, who had promised to close it down his first year?

Eric Rose said...

And I'm sure he would have closed it down if the Rep. suits would have let him. Like just about everything else he has tried to do that would benefit the American public it has been blocked on "principle".

Stan B. said...

First, Obama tried making friends with them- didn't work. Then he tried conceding just about everything (incl principle) before he even started negotiating with 'em- didn't work.

So what's left??? Hhmmm... how about inciting the troops and getting every bit as down and dirty as they are to fight for what you supposedly believe in? That's how Roosevelt got anything passed. Granted, he most likely wouldn't live out his term- but it's the job he wanted and made us believe in, no sympathy here.

Ultimately, how does he want his legacy to read- a strong, inspirational and effective leader who did right by his people while he lived, or... he talked the talk.

He made history- more importantly, he had a chance to change it.