Wednesday, October 27, 2010



Hereafter has gotten considerable flack for being too slow and plodding. I think many people are going into it expecting some kind of supernatural thriller complete with floating spirits and shape shifting entities that haunt, shock and amaze us when we least expect. No, it's none of that. The opening sequence of the 2004 tsunami is indeed incredible- but that's pretty much it from the ghee whiz special effects department. No one, repeat, no one, gets Raptured unto the heavens, Armageddon does not ensue, the secrets of life and death are not revealed.

What we do get are the trials and tribulations of several people who must directly deal with tragic death and loss in their own lives and who quietly, but doggedly try to pursue some kind of meaning and understanding as best they can from an experience that has offered them a glimpse- and a lifetime's worth of questions. Questions that the movie at one point does allude to are now finally being taken up by science with some surprising, if not well publicized results.

I really liked and admired this movie- my favorite Clint Eastwood flick since his little known gem some years back called A Perfect World.

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