Thursday, October 28, 2010

Public School, Public Shame

Characterize the public school system in the US as a structure mired in the legacy of passive racism and you're guaranteed to elicit more than a few old fashioned beat downs- mostly from school administrators of every aspiring rank and delineation. Yet everyone knows public education has been a dead horse for decades- it's malignant stench reeks from any major city you name. The sorry aftermath of desegregation and white flight, where anyone with the money and resources removed the fruit of their loins as far from the brown swirling masses as possible. That cynical act of panicked desperation has continued for decades and has condemned generations to a bleak and often hopeless underclass that worships ignorance as a virtue and violence as its ultimate religion- whether in camo abroad, or saggin' in the hood.

Of course, ignorance does have its more amusing moments, spawning the likes of cult figures and US Senate aspirants alike who can disprove evolution by clearly demonstrating that no monkey known to mankind has ever shape shifted into human form in front of their very eyes. Unfortunately, it also begets much more serious consequences, consequences that can result in the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives when we believe our own misguided, unfounded rhetoric that we can literally will countries into submission. Think of what those misspent TRILLIONS would have done for education...

No, that's not to say that you can solve this, or any other problem, simply by throwing money at it. There is for absolute certainty, enough blame to go around- well beyond both teachers and teachers' unions. Kids must be made responsible for their actions, and parents should be held to some manner of account- actually, I'd take it a step further... Any person entering parenthood should be required by law to enroll in parenting classes. You have to take a test to drive a car- why shouldn't you prove competent to perform the very minimum concerning the most important societal function that any adult can possibly undertake?

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