Monday, October 18, 2010

Here are the best estimates that have been hidden from the public:


·      US soldiers' deaths under Bush [2001-2008] in Afghanistan: 630[i]

·      US soldiers' deaths under Obama [2009-Oct. 2010] in Afghanistan: 693[ii]

·      Total US soldiers' deaths in Afghanistan: 1,323[iii]

·      Total US soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan: 5,748[iv]

·      Total US contractor deaths from 09.01.01 through 09.30.10 30: 2,400[v]

·      Total US soldiers wounded in Afghanistan: 8,530[vi]

·      Total US soldiers wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan: 40,464[vii]

·      Total US contractors wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan: 44,152[viii]

·      Total US military suicides during 2001-2009: 1,985[ix]


·       Direct costs/month in Iraq: $12.5 billion[x]

·       Direct costs/month in Afghanistan $16 billion[xi]

·       Total direct cost, Iraq:  $737.5 billion[xii]

·       Total direct cost, Afghanistan: $354.4 billion[xiii]

·       Total projected direct and indirect costs, Iraq: $3 trillion+[xiv]

·       Total projected direct and indirect costs, Afghanistan: $1 trillion+[xv]

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[xv] Obama estimates $113 billion in direct costs/per year at current U.S. troop levels of 100,000. If those troop levels are halved by 2013, then the direct costs will remain over $50 billion/per year. An additional three years would therefore cost at least $200 billion more. Using the Stiglitz/Bilmes methodology for measuring indirect--accrual--costs, such as veterans' health care and benefits, interest payments, etc--would add hundreds of billions in long-term costs, making Afghanistan another $1 trillion dollar war.

*All data accurate as of October 12, 2010.


Gerald said...

Amazing statistics. As a Canadian, I can also add to this the loss of Canada's excellent, previous identity as peacekeepers, since our armed forces were heavily involved with UN Peacekeeping missions for years. Now we are just another war-mongering nation who's young people are dying in a foreign country, in an unwinnable war, with no clear goals - not to mention all of the money we've wasted.

Stan B. said...

You guys once took in draft resistors too...

And these stats say nothng of the thousands killed we were sent to "protect."

Gerald said...

Yes we did provide a safe haven for draft dodgers, in the past. But now we have a right wing government who opposes gay marriage, opposes abortion, opposes gun control and wants our schools to teach Christian values. Does that sound familiar?