Thursday, March 11, 2010

You Be The Judge?

Ever judge a photo competition? I got a brief taste when I was co-editing Expiration Notice, and now the good people at Canteen are further opening the doors to the whole competition process by allowing the participants to vote for their faves. Pretty cool. Not that you or I will have final say, but one can peruse the actual submissions and get a general feel of what it's like to pick and choose, judge, reject, and decide.

Now, you may, like me, find that you start making your own random, idiosyncratic categories, such as:

1)  The This Is What Everybody Else Is Doing Category
2)  The I Just Shot These This Weekend And I Think They Came Out Pretty Good Category
3)  The Almost But Just Not Quite Category
4)  The Holy Fucking Hell, What In God's Holy Name Were They Ever Possibly Thinking? Category
5)  The Wow! This Shit's Great! Category

Obviously, the last two are the most fun. There are over a hundred submissions- and you know which one mine falls in...


Mark Page said...

Your pictures are looking good Stan. I was going to send stuff but as usual I missed it.....

Stan B. said...

Thanks, mate! Woulda much preferred that we were still putting together ExNo, but at the very least it freed up a little time- enough to go Blurb myself, which I'll be posting on soon.