Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Poor, Unfortunate Rich- Won't You Please Help!?

Photo: Tanyth Berkeley

So Dominique Browning, the editor of House and Garden, finds herself unemployed! Since she doesn't have to worry about... actually having to get a job to support her loathsome, self pitying self, she quickly gets bored and doesn't know what to do with her sorry ass self (other than obsess about eggs).

This rich bitch bastard has the absolute nerve to write this drivel while thousands of formerly hard working (and underpaid) unemployed and homeless are out on the streets, without a prospect, surviving on god knows what for god knows how long- as she ponders her new life of leisure walking the beach during the day and playing Bach at night on her piano in her one remaining home...

 And The NY Times has the balls to publish it!

I have wasted 20 minutes on reading this. Now I am leaving for a job interview that I hope will lead to work -- otherwise I won't be able to eat or live in a room or pay my child support or my other bills that I can't pay now. How's that for real problems? The poor know the meaning of life: the rich and safe have to guess. Or write whiny stories like this.  
Comment #59--jk, NYC

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Jim Johnson said...

Ah yes! The unfortunate rich who can weather economic hardship by relying on their wealth (instead of income) or on a rich hubby to pay the bills. If I were to lose my job either or both of my ex-wives surely would head to court to insure that I missed not a cent of child support (we'll leave to one side that neither of them - despite advanced degrees from Michigan & Penn - work a full time job). I'd be headed for jail. This story just reminds you of whom The Times demographic actually is!