Monday, March 22, 2010

Bedrooms of the Fallen- Ashley Gilbertson

Photo: Ashley Gilbertson

The policy of embedding photographers has been a double edged sword- while it has often  prevented photographers from getting many of the "no holds" barred type of conflict photographs that were prevalent in keeping us truly informed, as in the Viet Nam era and many a war since, it has also effectively forced photojournalists to seek out other avenues of much needed reflection and communication.  Some of these efforts such as Nina Berman's Purple Hearts have been quite powerful in exploring the more lasting and devastating effects of war, while others (IMHO) seem to reflect that very inability to capture something slightly more relevant.

Bedrooms of the Fallen  as featured recently in The NY Times has no doubt struck a chord in all who have seen it. The concept is novel, and yet obvious upon reflection, the photographs- hauntingly powerful in their minimalism. All together that makes for one very unique, poignant and moving essay...

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