Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tokyo Camera Style

My Leica sized $75 Ford Falcon Nikon FG (w/20mm) will hold me till I can afford the real deal (and whose to say this aint).

I've already stated on many an occasion that I really don't care if an image is made via traditional film or digital capture. What I really abhor are those clunky, plasticky, butt ugly digital DSLR's! And, of course, one can't get away from them these days, even though (thankfully), I don't have to deal with 'em. I plan to dump all my 35mm SLR equipment when I reach my sixties, and pick up a nice 35mm RF with a couple of dimed sized lenses (seems that's about the only thing to look forward to at that age). Until then, there's always Tokyo Camera Style whenever I need some hardcore vintage porn. I just hope they don't buy up every damn vintage film camera in existence over there!

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