Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Race In Photography Conference

Well, The Race In Photography Conference exists in name only at the moment (and that much thanks to one Pete Brook), but it's definitely something to contemplate and someday achieve. Especially when you got the likes of what's going on at French Vogue- a white model in black face. Perhaps the smart way to address the latter in this case really is to simply dismiss it for they're just being French, since all they obviously want to do is cause enough controversy to sell their dumb magazine...

Meanwhile, the conversation continues at Amy Stein's Blog, and the always forthright DuckRabbit... (shame I had to remove that beautiful Vivian Maier photo for the crap above).

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Mark Page said...

I'm sure that some hard nosed lawyer could prove that image illegal under EU law, Well I'm proud to say they could here in the UK at least.