Thursday, October 29, 2009

Roy DeCarava- RIP

“White photographers called me and they got angry with me, because I won it,” says DeCarava. “They said, ‘You won the Guggenheim?’ I could see the face screwing up and it was likely like this, “How could you win a Guggenheim?’”


6p0112791cb10528a4 said...

Stan, thanks for linking to that 2008 interview. Two things that Roy said really hit me.

1) About making a memorable photo... “I believe in patience and knowledge and skill and love – gotta be love."

2) About racism in the photography community... "...I don’t want to dwell on that, but it dwells on me.”

Stan B. said...

Yeah, a lot of gems there, John...

“My days of bitterness are over because I have the sense enough to know that this is not good for me to be bitter,” says DeCarava.

I'm still working on that one- probably always will.