Monday, June 22, 2009

State of the Art

I just saw a video of a wounded Iranian woman, very beautiful, very young. She didn't appear terribly hurt, and as they slowly laid her on the ground blood began to at first slowly trickle out her mouth, and within an instant covered her face and then pooled thickly below her head. The video had a warning which I disregarded, for whatever reason not choosing to heed it. I had personally witnessed something very similar many years back, the violent death of a friend, every bit as senseless and tragic as only the waste of young, promising life can be.

Humanity doesn't learn from it's mistakes, it learns to deny them. I guess that's what some call optimism, something I'm sure someone wiser said before me. Our planet is slowly dying, the signs all around us. The majority of us quite content to continue our daily path to self destruction.

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