Monday, June 8, 2009

PDN- Where Are You?

Well, I guess it remains to be seen whether PDN "officially" responds, or not. And while I applaud their efforts to bring up the subject of lack of diversity in photography (as evidenced in the comments section of my last post, and at A Photo Editor), it would be nice, having the bully pulpit that they do, to proactively engage in the righting of a wrong they themselves have occasionally (and so rightly) drawn attention to. That's why the "judging issue" was such an opportunity lost when there are many very qualified people of color.

Most likely end result: Back to the token one or two (three or four to make a statement) faces of color in the next judgement issue before it's all forgotten and back to "normal." Please prove me wrong.

And heartfelt thanks to all the truly Conscientious participants who continue to contribute constructive criticism. Hopefully, this won't be dismissed as a passing issue of conversation, but remembered as the everyday reality that it has always been...

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