Sunday, June 14, 2009

Deep Sleep and

Photo: Dave Wyatt
Deep Sleep's second edition has some interesting work, the most bizarre (in my book) being Dave Wyatt's Thames Town, which consists of architectural "still lifes" of a Chinese suburb next to Shanghai built to resemble a modern English village- part of a series of suburbs to be built to resemble other various ethnic European architecture. Creeepy! Although amazingly "life like," I wonder how it feels to actually live in something that so eerily resembles some weird tourist attraction based on a culture from the other side of the world. Reminds me (if memory serves) of some other documentary work that portrayed Dutch architecture built by the Afrikaners in South Africa. At least there was some kind of direct linkage there- blatantly colonial as it was. appears to be a new venture, and suffice to say that amongst the absolute top notch work featured (incl the one and only Tod Papageorge's Journey from Eden) is Mark Powell's latest- Mexico 21. Truly amazing stuff!

Photo: Mark Powell

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