Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"Work Must Be Made Within The Last Year"

Here's a particular bit of "age discrimination" I will never quite get for the life of me. I can fully understand and appreciate not allowing photos in a competition that have already been published elsewhere. Nobody wants to be the first to publish what everybody has already seen- common sense. But what does it matter if the image was made a year ago, a year and two months ago, two years and a month ago, or... How does a few days, weeks, months, even years invalidate photographs from most general themes- unless that theme deals specifically with events occurring only that year?

And then there's the actual wording. Taking the picture implies the time of actual capture. No problem there. Making or creating the image or work, well... If I took the image ten years ago and edit and print it today- when did I make or create said image? And even if I've had the files ready to go two years ago, but make the print today- the print being submitted was still made this year. And how many times have we photographers heard, "It's the print that counts!"

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