Thursday, April 30, 2009

Allison V. Smith- w/Apologies...

I had originally wanted to publish a selection of Allison V. Smith's photographs in the first issue of Expiration Notice, but she was currently being featured in another online magazine. So I decided to wait awhile, and scheduled to feature her work in Vol 4. When it became apparent that there might not, in fact, be a Vol 4, I asked her if she would be OK with appearing in our On Notice section in Vol 3. Unfortunately, her email graciously accepting the "downgrade" somehow, someway arrived in my Spam mail just prior to publication- and it probably doesn't take much to imagine what went through our minds up until today when we both found it! And I can now only hope she accepts my apologies- yet again!

Allison V. Smith photographs quiet surprises, one can find them in her moody compositional aesthetics, or in the subtle humor she finds in her Southwestern landscapes. And she can do it in B&W or color, and in a multitude of formats. There's a simple, honest feel to her work that's free of the artifice of so much else that's out there. And that alone makes it worth coming back to over and over again.

Allison, if there's ever a Vol 4-- you're in that one too!

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