Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sink Or Swim!

Later this month (4/25), Mark Page and I will be publishing the third issue of Expiration Notice, and damn, if it don't look good thus far- as have the two previous issues, IMHO. We have been lucky to attract first rate, quality submissions from the start, and although we still get the hits, those submissions have begun to dissipate. And we really have no intention of "lowering standards."

We were hardly the art world darlings (and very much remain such), and received no sponsorship of any kind when we embarked on this little venture. What we did have was an enthusiastic outpouring of support from fellow photographers and bloggers alike, and again, thank you for that! But in order to take it to the next level- in order to continue, we need to expand our outreach.

Will we continue beyond a 4th issue? Hard to say. What we, in fact, need is the kind of sponsorship (and I aint even talking money here!), from some name alliance that will lend us that certain air of legitimacy beyond street cred, so that we can reach out further and attract more of those quality portfolios we know are out there- particularly in this age group. Seems every other project has at least some kind of nominal backing from some arts/photo related association or corporate organization. And like I said- we're not even asking for their funding!!!

Some kind of "official" backing would bode well for the exposure gained by those artists exhibited here. Those are the people who should ultimately stand to benefit. And should you have any advice, words of encouragement, and/or solutions- feel free to share. Meanwhile, we're going to launch our own little corporate blitz in the hopes of drumming up further publicity, exposure, support, etc. Obviously, we don't know what the results will be. This has been a fun and worthy endeavor, which would be a shame to let die- we hope to see it continue and grow...

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