Sunday, May 25, 2008

Tribute to Ansel

Well, not exactly, but I do remember reading somewhere many years ago how Diane Arbus would say that she was "secretly kinky" about certain photographs she took that weren't exactly blockbuster images for the ages, but more personal and idiosyncratic images whose appeal she couldn't quite put her finger on but treasured nonetheless.

There, I've managed to invoke the names of two of the all time greats in one short post about an unknown's little snapshot. Actually, this one would have been interesting to see in large format color. The green of that island of trees was such a highly saturated and artificial hue that it stopped me dead in my tracks, and that color would have helped further separate it from its immediate urban background.

Nevertheless, not bad for a guy fresh from the dentist's office, riding his bike waiting for a mouthful of novacaine to wear off...

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