Sunday, May 18, 2008

Nancy Burson & The ECs...

While doing a bit of research into the "plastic camera aesthetic," I was more than a bit surprised (to say the very least) when I came upon the website of one of its biggest names- Nancy Burson. Right there on her homepage was a video attesting to her belief and interaction with ECs (Extra Celestials). In the video, Ms. Burson goes on to elaborate that in addition to being a fine art photographer, she also taught at Harvard and worked with the FBI- her reputation vital to her professional livelihood. And yet, there she is, front stage center, proclaiming her ongoing relationship with intelligent light beings.

Personally, I find her photographic documentation of these visitations less than convincing at very best. They don't appear any more convincing than dozens, if not hundreds, of other similar amateur shots of "orbs" and other various, blurred lights. Ms. Burson however, is obviously convinced that her photographs are genuine, the creatures real, and her relationship with them anything but delusional. And I am not in any position to deny neither the reality of her belief, nor that of the "ECs" themselves. I simply do not know.

Do I believe in UFOs? You bet- and I'm with some pretty reputable company, thank you very much! I'll let their expertise speak for me. I wonder if the noted photo blogger (and scientist) who was so quick to rebuke me for stating my beliefs would be so readily dismissive of someone of Ms. Burson's stature?

Most scientists will concede that the odds for life out there in the vastness of the universe is a given. And to conclude that we are the best and brightest in that infinity of time and space is without doubt the most ignorant and arrogant of conceits imaginable!

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