Thursday, May 1, 2008


There I was belly down in the dirt, Tri-X and F100 in hand, focusing on what would hopefully be my latest contribution to the ever expanding world of pet cemetery photography, when a sidelong glance caught the barrel of a rather large lens aimed directly at me. Attached to the rather formidable lens was my first sighting of an absolutely humongous D3, a Nikon D3, and if I didn't mention it- dang, those things are huge! Looking past the Japanese photographer (no doubt exacting revenge for all the times I've aimed my wide angle at his fellow countrymen), I noticed an entire phalanx of photographers wandering about my "private" sanctuary. The camera club was in town.

The thought of someone playing with my image, sight unseen on some computer screen was a bit unsettling, not unlike what I have done to countless anonymous others within the confines of a darkened room for some 30 plus years. Wonder if I rated a RAW file?

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